Honey Bee Rescue

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So, you have bees in your bonnet?



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How it works

You have bees in your soffits or attic or basement. what's next?
  1. If possible take a few pictures with your smart phone, take one of the area where the bees seem to be coming and going, then (this is the most important picture) try to get a close-up of one of the bees. You can do this safely by watching the bees as they leave the hive, wait until they alight on a something (you can encourage them to sit for their portrait by placing a small saucer with a quarter inch of sugar water in it somewhere near the hive.
  2. Send me the pictures along with you contact information will reach out to you as quickly as possible to let you know whether or not we agree that you have honeybees based on the information you have provided.
  3. If you do have honeybees then a site visit can be scheduled, the fee for this diagnostic visit is $200 payable in advance via PayPal or Zelle. On the day of the site visit, a responsible adult will need to be present, I will need access to the exterior of the home and possibly the interior. Using a combination of thermal imaging and other minimally invasive techniques the location and relative size of the colony can be established. We will discuss  options for gaining access to the colony .We will also discuss the potential cost involved including restoration of areas affected by the removal, As a licensed contractor I can offer to carry out any necessary repairs or you may decide to make arrangements for the repairs on your own. On the appointed day usually two of us will show up, after unloading the van, if we are extracting from inside your home we will set up protection for all surfaces and if necessary create a bee proof enclosure
  4. If the extraction will be performed from the exterior we may set up a man lift or just scaffolding and ladders.
  5. Once access is gained to the colony we will begin vacuuming/ removing comb and honey until the bulk of the bees are safely inside an empty hive. 
  6. As the combs containing eggs and larvae (the brood) are removed they will be reconfigured and wired into frames

What our customers are saying

Rob Couchman helped me remove a 7 year old hive from my house. I did not realize the bees were there when I moved in and it took me a year or so to realize they weren’t mice in my walls! I was introduced to Rob through my fiancé and knew of his work and love of bees. I really wanted to have this hive removed in the most humane way possible. I was confident Rob would do that and more. The work was dynamic from the start and it took Rob’s heat sensor to identify where the hive was. He and another bee loving friend of mine had to remove exterior siding, soffit and interior drywall to have full access to the hive. Rob was careful, diligent and had all the tools necessary to get the work done. It was a success and a very large job. I would absolutely recommend Rob Couchman, his technique is careful and practical and the bonus is that he loves to share and show what is going on. I learned a ton!


Emily Hurd


 I had to get a new roof but there was a hive up in the second story corner of my house keeping the roofers at bay. I could not stand to have the bees destroyed and so it was Rob to the rescue! Rob came and removed the hive and preserved the precious colony. Then the roofers were able to do their work without being stung. Thanks Rob!

Ross Purdy

Iron Ridge

SUMMER OF 2019- I contacted Rob as I had a bee issue in one of our cottages here at Erin Hills. Rob visited our property and quickly diagnosed that it was a honey bee issue. The honey bees had “set up shop” in the peak of an entrance roughly 25 feet up. During the visit Rob was very knowledgeable and open to helping me understand the importance of honey bees and the proper way to remove them. The day of the removal Rob and his staff were understanding of my needs and flexible with our guests who were occupying the cottage to make the process as less disruptive as possible. The process and efficiency was amazing! By the time our guests were ready to enter the cottage after a day of golf the process was complete. It truly was something that could have been a major issue but Rob’s vision and professionalism were top notch. I hope we do not have more issues but if we do in the future I will be reaching out to Rob. Thanks Again!



What do these services cost?

After the initial site visit we will offer an estimate of the cost to perform a "Cutout" , these will typically be "time and materials" estimates because the number of variables is so great.